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We believe in helping brands create stories through integrated experiences via various means.
While you are here, go through what we do so we can partner in the near future.

Large Trade Shows & Installation

A trade show is the most direct approach to reach out to lakhs of audience in one go. Team CAT carries with it abundant knowledge with founder team members being part of the emerging Exhibition Industry in India since mid 90’s. The team of experienced trade shows and event marketers are experts at making sure our clients boast a cost-effective and powerful program.
With replenishing Inventory of outdoor and indoor installations, we become the only solution provider with end to end services under one roof.

Large Government Projects

Consulting the Apex Industry bodies to execute Large Govt Trade Shows & Events has been the core strength of CAT CONSULT since 2004.

Public Relations

We enable you to reach out effectively to the world through lensmen and scribes across the Country.


BTL activations include all kinds of services that come under interactive solutions to reach out to the target audience of the brand and dissemination of the communication likewise. It generates palpable results since it leverages the advantages of two way communication.

Exhibition Booth Production & Management

We specialize in exhibition stall fabrication, exhibition stand fabrication. The stall fabricated by us is easy to install. We can fabricate eye-catching stalls that facilitate in supporting the clients’ presentation for product, concept & services and helps in making long lasting impression to the viewers.

Event Production & Management

Real-life experiences are more engaging and can shape your memories much more profoundly than anything else. In events it includes Awards, Appreciation, Channel Partner Meets, Entertainment, Corporate Meets.

Celebrity Management

We keep in touch with leading Entertainers from within India and overseas. Trust our judgement in recommending the right match for your Event.

Appreciation Events

The goal of Appreciation Events is to connect the biggest companies in the world to local, regional and national merchants providing services in various categories.